Official Information Act Responses

Hawke's Bay District Health Board publishes responses to Official Information Act (OIA) requests, and supports the open disclosure of information to assist the public’s understanding of how the DHB is delivering publicly-funded health care.

This includes the proactive publication of Official Information Act (the Act) responses on our website. Requester identities are removed (redacted under section 9(2)(a) of the OIA) from the published versions to protect the privacy of the requester.

Official information responses of interest to the wider public and suitable for publication are available here.

Note: Due to the health response to COVID-19 in the second quarter of 2020, OIAs had extended time frames for completion, as allowed for under section 15A(4) the Act.

2021 August

Children in care hospital admissions 

RMO and ED data 

OPCAT Inspection reports 

Alcohol and Drug addiction

Mental Health and funding

Methamphetamine addiction in HB

Pharmacy employees seconded to COVID vaccinations

Psychologist employment information 

Hospital bed numbers

Youth mental health programmes 

Cathinone Toxicity admissions 

Ambulance arrival triage waiting times

2021 July

Chrons disease biologic treatments

Progressive Procurement Policy 

COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment data

Gender Dysphoria

Access to neurology services

Colonoscopy decline data

Cyber Security

Hospital Pathology Service Contracts

Missed COVID Vaccination Appointments

First Specialist Appointments Joints 

2021 June 

Annual School Dental Data

Primary Health and Alcohol

Wellington Airport closure effect

Coronial Findings

Cyber security

Senior Medical Officer Annual Leave

Psychiatric services waiting list

ED Presentations

National Contraception Training Service

Nurses Strike and PR Firms 

Asbestos Wairoa Hospital 

Intensive care costs

Gift registers and conflicts of interest

2021 May

Aged Care facility complaints 

Flight team data

Childhood Conditions

Bed use and costing data Cancer treatments

HPV Gardasil vaccines

PET CT therapies and scans 

Mental health services data

Mental Health Facilities 

Marae accessibility for Maori mental health patients

2021 April 

Dog Bites

OIA Information and Statistics 

Sexual Assault Data 

Patients in Isolation

Digital Services 

Use of Nitrous Oxide

2021 March

Complaints re surgical equipment left inside patients 

Complaints leading to action or review 

Living Wage Employers 

Chronic Blood disorders

Gynaecology and Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services

Diagnostic Imaging Modalities 

Diabetic Retinopathy

Eating disorders treament services 

MDMA related admissions 

2021 February

Methadone Dispensing 


DEAF Aotearoa Interpreting Services



Data Sharing

Mental Health Unit

Joint replacement surgery

Assaults on staff by patients 

Camphylobacter cases

Surgical thresholds

After hours care

Alcohol related harm presentations

Ethnicity of board members

Non resident charges

Age of birthing mothers

Non resident invoicing

Non resident debt

ICU occupancy

Mental health, medications and funding 

FIT Testing

Locum Costs 

Remuneration, complaints and gender pay gap

GP referrals for first specialist appointment declines

Gender affirming services

Clinical staff workloads

Endoscopy procedures

ICU beds and negative pressure rooms


Smoker admissions and ethnicity 

Domestic Violence Presentations

Use of prefabricated buildings

Pain management services

Elective surgery and Prioritisation 

Mental health inpatient services

Cost of COVID-19 hospitalisations

Neurology services at HBDHB

Planned care - elective surgery

The cost of running paging systems

Number of people working in contact tracing

COVID-19 hospitalisations

Avastin treatment

Mental health services

Raw milk related cases

Emergency Department wait times

COVID-19 testing numbers in Wairoa district

Use of requisitioning powers

Threshold for planned surgery

Electro Convulsive Therapy ECT

Number of births at Hawke's Bay Hospital

COVID-19 planning and preparation

Information re measles 

Sexual harassment reports

IT systems and medication prescribing

COVID-19 testing in Wairoa as at 20 April 2020

Youth mental health services

Corporate expenditure

Hospital ward cooling initiatives

Crisis Mental Health Services

COVID-19 cases 

ICU and negative pressure rooms

Detox and rehabilitation services

Asbestos Management Plans

Capital expenditure

Electro Convulsive Therapy treatments

Gender reassignment hormone therapy

Colonoscopies referrals and funding

Coronary artery bypass graft procedures

Cataract and intra ocular lens replacement surgery

Smoke free policies

Monitoring of hospital temperatures, patient and staff health and safety

Hip and knee replacements 

Referrals for grommet insertions

Security costs

Colposcopy referrals and funding

Hip and knee replacements 2010-2019

Population level nutrition programmes

Gender identity

House officer recruitment