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Classroom ideas, Whole School Approach - Updated

Mindfulness to Support Tamariki Mental Health

Pause Breathe Smile programme is the original New Zealand mindfulness in school initiative now in 470+ schools. Including the science and psychology behind mindfulness practices as well as simple to use practices to support teacher and learner wellbeing. Training and resources are free for all primary and intermediate schools.

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Support Agencies, On Line Support, Whole School Approach, Foundations - Updated

Everyone has mental health.

Learning how to look after your mental health creates ‘Mental Wealth’.

Make yourself rich in mental wealth so you can spend it on taking care of yourself and others.

From the poeople at "Le Va"


Tennis Dept.

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Helping Kids Stay Active & Safe in the Internet Age

Healthy Digital Citizens is meant to be a helpful resource for adults who want to teach kids the principles of safe, responsible, and healthy technology use. This includes principles of good digital citizenship like internet safety and digital literacy, as well as digital wellness.

youth wellbeing study

Youth Wellbeing Study

Classroom ideas, Support Agencies, Self Harm - Updated

Our website gives information regarding our research projects, our research findings and publications, and has copies of our various presentations to the community and academic conferences, and copies of our resources.


  • Graphic novels
  • Information pamphlets
  • A short film by young mothers
  •  A Do's & Don'ts list for NSSI in schools



Wellington Girl's College - a review of student wellbeing. A case study.

Whole School Approach, Foundations - Updated


The school uses multiple ways to seek feedback about what the school is doing well and what can be done better. These include, for example: principal-parent forums; parent, whanau and fono group meetings; Year 12 leadership forums; Awhina student meetings; Student Council meetings; Year 13 leadership groups; staff learning groups, head-of-department and staff meetings and a range of surveys with students, staff, parents and whanau and the community. The information gathered is analysed for trends and shared across the school, often providing the trigger for new developments.

Below is an example of an evaluation that has strategic implications. The school is in the process of developing a long-term sustainable response to an important cluster of issues.


Wellbeing for Success.

Whole School Approach, Foundations - Updated

ERO.  2016.  Wellbeing for success: a resource for schools has been developed to help schools evaluate and improve student wellbeing. It highlights the importance of schools promoting the wellbeing of all students as well as the need for systems, people and initiatives to respond to wellbeing concerns for students who need additional support.



Whole School Approach, Foundations - Updated

Tūturu helps NZ schools to implement school-wide changes that improve the wellbeing of their students and develops their critical thinking.

The first focus area of Tūturu is reducing alcohol and other drug-related harm in ways that promote student engagement and wellbeing.

This is how we will prepare students to live healthy and successful lives in a world where alcohol and other drugs exist.

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Theatresports (TM)

Classroom ideas, Whole School Approach - Updated

There are hundreds of Theatresports™ games that were created for use in your Drama or Theatre class but have a place in every classroom. They are most valuable to acquire these essential skills for any student or actor:

  • quick thinking
  • using the imagination
  • role play
  • improvisation
  • voice use
  • physicality with characters
  • movement

The Lowdown

Urgent, Support Agencies, On Line Support - Updated


Supporting Staff Wellbeing

Support Agencies, Whole School Approach, Foundations - Updated


Many schools find that they want to look to the health & wellbeing of their staff as much as of their students. This is a brief list of some of the ways that local schools are working to promote the physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing of their staff.


Support Services Database

Support Agencies, Whole School Approach - Updated

A database of services that are available to support students in Hawke's Bay schools.  Compiled by the Ministry of Education.



Urgent, Support Agencies, On Line Support - Updated



Classroom ideas, Whole School Approach - Updated


This is the go-to for classroom activities to boost mental wellbeing.

There are hundreds of activities on the website and you can search through them using these criteria:

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Self-Harm NSSI Notes for schools

Urgent, Self Harm - Updated

  Nobody expects a teacher to be a mental health specialist, but it can be helpful to know some useful responses and to be aware of who to refer these tragic cases to…..


Self Injury in Schools

Self Harm, Whole School Approach - Updated



A Guide to Understanding Self-Injury for School Professionals


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Self Harm

Support Agencies, Self Harm, On Line Support - Updated

Self-harm is the direct, deliberate act of hurting or injuring your body, but without necessarily wanting to die. It’s a way some people cope with intense or very difficult emotions, or overwhelming situations and life events. 

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Screen Time

Classroom ideas, Whole School Approach, Foundations - Updated


TOP TIPS FOR TWEENS, TEENS & SCREENS.   Devices and phones are here to stay – but how can I restore some balance in my home?




Classroom ideas, Support Agencies, Whole School Approach - Updated


Thriving in the Face of Change, Challenge and Stress


Edmond Otis BA, MSc, MFT


Resilience is the ability to bounce back – and move forward – from periods of change and adversity, stress and trauma, loss, disappointment, and perhaps most importantly, the strain and intensity of just doing the "day-to-day" in today’s world. We know that those most at risk – many of today’s youth – need resilience more than anything.