Ostomy services

Ostomy services are offered to people who have, or are expecting to require a stoma (a surgically created opening in the abdomen for evacuation of body waste). 

Stomas include: colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy.

Ostomy services provide people with information, advice and support before and after surgery. The aim of stoma therapy is to give clients, their families/whānau and carers, the resources they need to be able to manage and/or live with a stoma independently, comfortably, and with dignity.

The service provides:

  • Pre and post surgical visits in the community
  • Appointments in a clinic situation for assessment and advice
  • Arranges for ongoing supply of ostomy equipment
  • Access to other health care professionals and agencies
  • Is responsible for prescribing appropriate ostomy products

Clients, or their families/whānau, doctors, surgeons, hospitals and care facilities can all access this service.

There is no charge for consumables, which are mainly delivered to the client’s home. Some items need to be uplifted from the local health facility.

Access to this service is by referral from your doctor or practice nurse.

The Ostomy service operates 8:30am–4pm, Monday to Friday.