Workplace wellbeing

Investing in your employee’s wellbeing is good for your business and good for the employee.

Workplace wellbeing is about doing everyday business in a way that leads to improved staff wellbeing. This could mean supporting staff to become smokefree, be active or see their doctor regularly.

Whether your business is small or large, indoors or outdoors, you can create a healthy and happy workforce.

Why workplace wellbeing?

Benefits for employees Benefits for employers

Improved wellbeing

Increased energy and motivation

Increased job satisfaction

Increased ability to balance work and life

Reduced absenteeism

Increased productivity

Improved staff morale and job satisfaction

Reduced risk of workplace injury

Improved corporate image

Healthy food & drink policies for workplaces

The Ministry of Health has requested that DHBs commit to include a clause in their contracts with health providers for them to develop a healthy food and drink policy.

This covers all food and drinks sold on site and provided by the organisation to their staff and visitors, including vending machines, snack boxes, cafeterias, workplace fundraisers, or catering. It will not cover any self-funded food or drink brought in from outside the workplace.

This policy must align with the Healthy Food and Drink Policy for Organisations which is a simplified version of the National Food and Drink Policy.

The template and checklist below will help simplify the process of having a healthy eating and drinking policy.

Healthy food and drink policy template

Healthy food and drink policy checklist

Healthy food and drink policy presentation 

Want to make your workplace smokefree?

There are some great resources out there that can help.


Smokefree ideas and advice

Guide to creating a smokefree workplace

Smokefree signage for workplaces


Creating a smokefree workplace 

Example of a Smokefree Policy