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Stay cool and hydrated. Drink plenty of water.

Look after those dependent on you (children and elderly) to make sure they are also drinking enough water and have adequate sun protection. 

Check on elderly friends or neighbours to make sure they’re staying hydrated and sheltered from the heat on hot days.





Enjoy the great outdoors!

Here in Hawke's Bay we have incredible walking and biking tracks, beautiful beaches and plenty of other outdoor activities on our doorstep. 

Regular exercise is not only good for the mind, but your heart health too!

Make sure to protect your body from the sun when outdoors – wear a hat and use sunscreen regularly and find cool shady places for time out of the sun. Check out all the SunSmart tips below.





Image showing colourful vegetables at a market.

Eat healthily.

We are so lucky in Hawke’s Bay to have beautiful fresh produce right on our doorstep.

Plentiful fruits and vegetables grow in abundance here.

Make the most of it!  Stuck for nutrition ideas? Healthy portion sizes and food ideas can be found here.

Alcohol in moderation 

Hosting a party or going to an event? Enjoy your time with you whānau and friends - remember alternate one glass of alcohol with one glass of water. 

Don’t forget to eat and if hosting offer guests food throughout the evening. Remember it’s your choice to drink or not, being alcohol free is in!  





2 polaroids - the first shows a boy sneezing into tissue, the other flowers

Allergies at this time of year can affect many people within our community.

Allergy New Zealand is a national charity that offers reliable information, education and support so you can manage your or your child’s allergy, and live an active and healthy lifestyle.  Visit

Check out their annual pollen calendar here.






Polaroid of a man from the chest down using a barbecue.


With the days now longer and evenings becoming lighter, the BBQ season is upon us! 

 Remember the food hygiene basics.

Keep the bugs away. Diagrams showing how to wash hands - wash, clean, dry. Illustrations + text saying Clean, cook, cover and chill your food.

WASH YOUR HANDS before preparing food to keep the bugs away and from spreading to your food.

Remember the 4 Cs – clean, cook, cover and chill, and take care storing and preparing fresh meat.



Three polaroids. Left is of 4 friends, second is two elderly, third two males.

Look after yourself and each other. Mental illness and distress is common and can happen to anyone.

Our experiences, actions, relationships and surroundings affect how we feel and our general wellbeing.

Getting out and enjoying the fresh air, opening up and talking to others, eating well and sleeping well, all helps towards our mental wellbeing.


Feeling low?

It’s okay to ask for help. 


Worried about someone?

Just start the kōrero/conversation. ‘You don’t seem to be yourself lately’ can be a good opener.

• Keep listening. If someone says they’re struggling, it’s a cue to ask ‘what’s up’?

• Ask open ended questions. Keep the conversation going.

• Give and take. Talk about your life too.

• Ask yourself what’s more important, your awkwardness or their distress?

• Be reliable, but ensure you set boundaries to manage your own life and wellbeing.

• Talking can be easier when you’re doing something together – share a meal, go for a walk, take a drive. 

The Mental Health Foundation has some great resources and advice available to all. Visit   

Need urgent after hours care? 

General practice after hours is the best place for urgent care that is not critical or life threatening. 
Healthline on 0800 611 116 also offers free health advice 24/7 from a registered nurse.

Your local Pharmacist can also give valuable over-the-counter health advice

Remember: Emergency departments are for emergencies. Priority is first given to people needing critical or life threatening care. 

Visit here for all of your after hours health care options in Hawke’s Bay.

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