Matariki Plan

Intersectoral Strategy Relationships

Intersectoral Group (IG), made up of public organisations, including local authorities, HBDHB, Police, MoE, EIT, NKII, TPK and business Hawke’s Bay, has been in place for 18 months.  The discussions initially were wide ranging of what the group could achieve to improve not only the economy of the region but also the social inequities.


"Hawkes Bay is a vibrant, cohesive and diverse community, where every household and every whānau is actively engaged in, contributing to, and benefiting from, a thriving Hawke's Bay."


Pono – We will be open and honest with each other and our community

He kauanuanu – We will respect the views and contributions of our partner organisations

Tutika – We will take responsibility for delivering on our commitments

Raranga te tira –  We will use our collective resources to ensure maximum benefit for our community

Ākina  - We will strive for excellent outcomes for our community

Lift Hawke's Bay - Kia Tapatahi