Strike Action FAQs

What is happening?

Anaesthetic technicians who are members of the of the Association of Professional and Executive Employees Inc (APEX) have voted to take strike action for 24 hours from 7:00am Friday 5 October until 7:00am Saturday 6 October.

What will the strike action involve?

The strike action will be in the form of a 24-hour withdrawal of labour. We are committed to working with this group, but the strike will affect patients who have been scheduled for elective surgery during this time.

What is being done to prepare for the strike?

Elective surgery for 13 people who were scheduled to have their surgery that day will have their surgery rescheduled to the next available date that we can accommodate them. They will be directly contacted by the district health board.

Will other parts of the hospital be affected?

Primarily this will affect the operating theatres as any operation that requires a general anaesthetic needs to have an anaesthetic technician as part of the team. Only life preserving operations will be able to happen during the strike action period.

How will patients know if their surgery, procedure or appointment is affected?

We will notify patients. Anyone uncertain about their appointment or surgery can call the district health board’s call centre 06 878 8109.

Will other Hawke’s Bay District Health Board facilities be affected by the strike?

No. Only the operating theatres at Hawke’s Bay Hospital will be affected. Wairoa and Central Hawke’s Bay DHB facilities will not be affected.

Why is this action happening in Hawke’s Bay?

Bargaining with anaesthetic technicians who are part of the APEX Union is being done at different times and is at different stages across the country. Other DHBs have also received strike action notice.

Life preserving services

An agreement with APEX will be in place during the 24 hours of strike notice so we are able to perform life preserving operations.