Clinical Services Plan - Transforming our Health Services

Why should I be interested in the Clinical Service Plan?

If you live in Hawke’s Bay, then you have a very important role in helping us to determine what our future health system should look like - what services will be delivered, how they will be delivered and where they will be delivered. Health affects everyone.


Why is the DHB undertaking this work now?

Future planning is important to sustain a growing population and a healthier Hawke’s Bay. The results of this work will aid us to review our models of care and facilities we use to help us deliver services across the region both hospital and community.  The Clinical Services Plan will help us to define what works well, what needs improvement and new opportunities to best meet our needs. Planning a ten year outlook on services for community, primary and hospital services is imperative for reducing inequity and ensuring we meet the basic and most comprehensive needs of our customers. 

Does this just relate to hospital services?

No. This work has many touch points across sectors and affects the whole Hawke’s Bay health system. General practice (doctor clinics) are the first part of the sector to contribute to the plan, as it is the place most people go to for health care assistance.  Its an important step for the sector to understand through primary care, what our customer needs are and how we plan for these.  This planning has a very strong focus on hearing the voice of both the customers and the providers of service. 

Does this just affect clinicians?

No. Clinicians are just as keen to hear from the customer.  Therefore a key part of this plan is gaining feedback from customers of health care, as well as the community at large.  We all care about what health services look like and what’s available to us therefore we all need to be able to have a say including those who wouldn’t normally engage with our service.  We must find ways to hear from a large cross-section of our society.

When will this work be complete?

We have scheduled for this to be signed off in 2018. However, this is just the first step. Following the completion of the plan, we will move into how the findings will be implemented and scheduling the implementation over a ten year period.

Where can I find more information?