Want to be Smokefree?

If you are a smoker chances are you have at one time, or another, tried to stop.

The Hawke’s Bay District Health Board Smokefree Team recognise how difficult it can be, and that’s why they are committed to doing everything they can to support you to beat the habit.

Their activities include:

  • Engaging with patients and whānau to conduct cessation support
  • Supporting staff smokefree education and development
  • Supporting staff to be smokefree
  • Implementing national and regional smokefree initiatives
  • Supporting our Hawke's Bay DHB community, including Wairoa, where support is needed and where inequality is evident including in groups such as pregnant women, Māori, consumers of mental health services and youth
  • Commitment to smokefree quality, innovation and excellence
  • Smokefree leadership both locally and nationally
  • Developing relationships which enable a community approach
  • Supporting smokefree communication and visibility
  • Supporting the achievement of community and hospital health targets
  • Encouraging workplaces and organisations to be 'Totally Smokefree'

DHB Smokefree officers and health promotion advisors also carry out compliance and enforcement activities under the Smokefree Environments Act 1990, including:

  • investigating complaints
  • visiting retailers/workplaces to ensure compliance
  • conducting controlled purchase operations

The Smokefree Team is committed to supporting a Smokefree HB by 2025 and working collaboratively with Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated and other community groups. There has been a growing recognition of the priority of addressing tobacco in our community both within and outside the health sector. This has been in response to the government’s endorsement of the Smokefree 2025 Aotearoa vision and growing evidence that tobacco is a leading cause of health inequalities.

“Making New Zealand tobacco-free is probably the single most important activity to reduce inequalities in health” Tony Blakely, Don Simmers, Norman Sharpe “Inequalities in health and the Marmot Symposia: time for a stocktake”
NZMJ 8 July, Vol 124 No 1338 2011

Hawke's Bay DHB commitment to smokefree lifestyles is described in our policy and easy to use Events and Workplace Toolkits.