The Orthotics Department



Orthotics is the branch of medicine that deals with the provision and use of artificial devices such as splints and braces. It is a service which cares for people in hospital, and those people coming to hospital as outpatients. People with short and long term disabilities are referred to orthotics, including patients from orthopaedic and AT&R wards, the child development unit, podiatry and diabetes clinics as well as from special education physiotherapists. The age group ranges from a few months old upwards. In addition to regular clinics there are quarterly clinics from the Artificial Limb Centre in Wellington.

Car parking

You can access Villa 8 via two entrances.  Car parking costs $1 for every 3 hours on site via parking machines which take coins, credit card or through the ParkMate Android App.

  • Main hospital car park, Omahu Road entrance.
  • Entrance 8, Orchard Road

Follow our signage beside the hospital Chapel or from entrance 8 parking area.

Referral information

ALL patients require a health practitioner’s referral.

  • Hospital consultants and hospital-based podiatrists can refer for assessment.  Items will then be part or fully funded  by Hospital, or ACC if relevant.
  • Private consultants, GPs ,private physiotherapists, private podiatrists can refer for assessment. Any item must be either self-funded and/or the patient must have a written agreement from the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) to fund item.

Footwear appointments

Please bring your existing footwear to appointment with socks or tights. As a first option, the service will try to modify your existing footwear.

If modification will not achieve the medical goal, you will be given advice regarding footwear retailers who hold suitable shoes for you to self-purchase.

Only if the medical goal cannot be achieved with retail footwear can custom-made shoes be ordered. Such orders need to be signed by the relevant hospital consultant. Custom-made shoes usually take eight weeks to arrive from overseas.

Charges for footwear

Children aged 15 years and under are exempt from part-payments.

Part charges for people aged 16 years and over are:

  • Footwear and insoles -  $37.00
  • Modifications and shoe raises - $25.00

Payment is required before a product can be supplied or ordered. 

Please note:  The department does not have eftpos facilities.  Please bring cash or a cheque.  Alternatively, a bank machine is available on site in the main foyer of the hospital.